So many crafts, so little time! Huge selection of projects appealing to boys and girls of all ages, All supplies are included as well as detailed instructions to make completing activities easy.

Small World Toys Fashion, offers a collection of fashion-oriented creativity kits – professional sewing machines for youngsters, fasion planning and design, coolaccessories, jewelry kits, and more. Colorful, classic, quality.

Our R&D and Design team creates original artwork and clear instructions to support the creation of 3D models. These are complete kits which promise hours of satisfaction and fun.

Introducing children to the wonders of science. Engaging science kits entertain children while introducing them to the wonders of science. Simple, easy-to-assemble kits with all parts needed, in one box! Encourages a thirst for knowledge.

Unique games teach children about colors, shapes, sorting, math and more – all while having fun!
A variety of games build multiple skills.

The Puzzle Brand.

Building valuable development skills kids will use for a lifetime.


Fun bath time toys.

Unique games teach children about colors, shapes, sorting and more.

Distribution in the USA.

OffBits toys encourage the development of fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, problem-solving, and imaginative play.

Music-based development toys, games and instruments.

Endless creative possibilities, from composing to storytelling. Rich interactive experiences, with multiple ways to play and delightful outcomes every time.

The easy grip, no-slip, squishy, bouncy, go-anywhere ball.

Stir up the imagination while having
 tons of fun.

Toys that support key developmental milestones during critical 0-2 years – give your baby a great start in life!

Let childrens’ imagination go wild!

Original animal masks for kids, encourage storytelling and role play as an integral and necessary part of childrens’ development and education. Encourage creativity and build self confidence through play.

The age of discovery! Happy children learn with developmental toys to stimulate their senses, mind and imagination.

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